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The management of the company pursues a policy of satisfying the requirements and expectations of customers in terms of nomenclature, quantity, delivery time and quality of the offered items..


KAMAK Ltd. has a well-equipped service base and a qualified engineering team. For all purchased machines we provide warranty and post-warranty service and timely delivery of spare parts and consumables.

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How to choose a professional vacuum cleaner

Professional vacuum cleaner During the work on a construction site and during repairs, in production and in workshops, a large number of small wastes are often collected. And this garbage must be removed. To maintain cleanliness, you need a professional vacuum cleaner. When choosing a powerful device and not to overpay for unnecessary features, it […]

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Industrial vacuum cleaner: device and characteristics

Industrial vacuum cleaner – what is it for? If the ordinary household vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning a house or an apartment, then for construction sites and agricultural facilities the cleanliness requirements are completely different. In addition to ordinary dust and dirt, this includes the removal of larger debris as well as liquids. For […]

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Types of vacuum cleaners

A wide variety of vacuum cleaners are available today. Today, every home has a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner companies offer a huge variety of types of vacuum cleaners with all shapes, colors, functionality and technical characteristics. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate in such a variety and choose the right model. Therefore, we advise those […]

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