EXCELERATOR 2.0 channel handle

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EXCELERATOR 2.0 channel handle

Developed by professionals, EXELERATOR 2.0 is a new handle from Moerman’s Proclean product line, which won the London Cleaning Show 2019 INNOVATION award with the redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.

Options for selecting an operating angle of -20 ° -5 ° | + 10 ° + 25 ° | + 40 ° with locking
New mechanism for locking the channel
The channel cannot fall out, even if the locking lever is accidentally opened
Adjust the angle to the left and to the right with locking
Lightweight and ergonomic
Used with LIQUIDATOR 2.0 channel
New, more comfortable handle
In the locked position, the handle distributes the pressure evenly on the channel. When working in a free position, the channel will follow even the lightest movement of your wrist and will allow you to wash the window with incredible speed.

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